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With a sustainable growth since 1970, MENADIONA is proud to have today:

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Menadiona Strengths

MENADIONA is operating in three main business units such as Life Science, Performance Products and Contract Manufacturing services. Two of its main diferenciating assets are the AZIRIDINE know-how and its strong production capabilities. Moreover, MENADIONA’s heritage on Vitamin K, allowed us to develop the ACT-2 tehnology.

Life Science

MENADIONA is a well established European manufacturer with extensive experience in Regulatory affairs, GMP compliance, ISO 9001 certificate, and inspected by most Health Agencies worldwide.

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Performance Products

MENADIONA is a producer of Special Chemicals used in a myriad of market segments. Our products allow our customers to develop differentiated and unique properties for their portfolio.

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MENADIONA is a leading player in the manufacturing of EI (ethylene imine) and PI (propylene imine).

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Contract Manufacturing

It’s a key activity at MENADIONA. We produce Intermediates of very different features for third parties, under exclusivity and NDA, with long term partnership.

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Manufacturing Sites

MENADIONA has two production plants located in Spain, one in Palafolls, Barcelona and the other in Málaga.

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Plant Health

MENADIONA’s heritage on Vitamin K, allowed us to develop a unique technology for formulations addressed to the Agricultural market.

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Regulatory & Certificates

Menadiona News

Our day to day in life science, aziridine, contract manufacturing and more.