Life Science

Life Science

MENADIONA is a well established European manufacturer with extensive experience in Regulatory affairs, GMP compliance, ISO 9001 certified, and inspected by Health Agencies worldwide.

Contract Manufacturing

One of MENADIONA’s fastest growing business units in the last 10 years has been CONTRACT DEVELOPMENT and full CONTRACT MANUFACTURING services for APIs, advanced intermediates, starting materials and industrial products.

MENADIONA’s aim is to be a long term partner and a fully reliable supplier for all those companies that are willing to develop and market niche or high-added-value products.

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VITAMIN K is on the heritage of the current business at MENADIONA. In spite that this chemistry have been around for a long time, we do see innovative market segments where the performance and characteristics of the Vitamin K range are highly appreciated. We get regular enquiries for the use of our Vitamin K1 and K2 in Nutraceutical applications and the Vitamin K1 Oxide in Dermo Cosmetics.

MENADIONA wide expertise in the production of APIs and Intermediates for Life Science applications do offer a guarantee to our customers that our Vitamins portfolio are made to meet the tightest standards. Additionally, the European location of our sites provides a strong argument to our customers in terms of proximity and robustness of the Supply Chain.

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For more than 50 years, MENADIONA has been a manufacturer of APIs and Intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry, what grants MENADIONA the reputation for nowadays being a leading global player in its selective portfolio.

The customized services we offer, besides high quality, can be widened to offer special particle size distribution, custom-made specifications and/or packaging to fulfill unique customer requirements.

CONTRACT MANUFACTURING is a core activity for MENADIONA. We are specifically suited for players within the pharmaceutical industry who seek to collaborate with a trusted organization to outsource the production of a particular process.

MENADIONA operates and complies with the strict regulations that our customers expect from their suppliers.

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The word MENADIONA is highly associated with the veterinary industry, which constitutes the origin of the company. Having a leading position in the production of specific veterinary APIs and Intermediates for almost 50 years provides us with the experience of high quality standard manufacturing and strong partnerships with leading members within the veterinary global business.

One of our main activities is CONTRACT MANUFACTURING. MENADIONA is an important player within the veterinary industry and also a trusted organization to outsource production of key intermediates and APIs.

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Plant Health

Being part of the heritage of MENADIONA (common name for Vitamin K), we developed a unique technology for formulations addressed to the Agricultural market. A wide variety of crops are today enjoying the benefits of our ACT-2. The product is offered on its own or as a supplement for more complex formulations to provide additional features.

Packaging customization is an additional service that MENADIONA offers to satisfy the needs of individual farmers.

We are regularly expanding our distributors’ network to reach new countries and additional crops.

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