2020 JUL

CROSSLINKER: The benefits in water based coatings.

Crosslinkers are the definitive solution to extend the durability of leather finishing coatings and PSA adhesives for protective films.

Improvement of the mechanical properties in coatings is achieved through the right choice in the crosslinking chemistry. From leather finishing to PSA adhesives for protective films, customer expectations on durability and faster processing are always growing.  

The shift from solvent to water based coatings has highlighted the need to evaluate the performance of traditional crosslinkers and is pushing to the use of alternatives molecules. In this respect, MENADIONA is the right partner due to our extensive know-how on aziridine derivatives and in house technology to develop customized materials.


CL 427 (CAS nº:  57116-45-7)


Active at room temperature.

Non VOC, free formaldehyde.

High crosslinking density.  


POLYUREA (CAS nº: 7417-99-4)



Water dispersions- Activation at mild temperatures.

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