2019 JAN


MENADIONA ended 2018 participating in CNCIC Global Specialty Fertilizer Convention, at Chengdu- China, with a technical conference about ACT-2®, an elicitor product for all kind of crops, enhancing fertilizer performance.

ACT-2® is a liquid formulation developed by MENADIONA, having a unique profile due its benefits reinforcing plant health and fruit quality (improves calcium mobilization).

Through our expert Albert Lohan’s presentation, we showed the synergistic effect combining Menadiona's ACT-2® with standard fertilizers, becoming ACT-2® a new tool to improve yields.

During our visit, we had different meetings with our Chinese partner`s technical team, and also with farmers that confirmed positive effects on crops in China but also many other countries.  

ACT-2® has a long track of positive results in the main agricultural products and in the last years in China.

More information about ACT-2 ® characteristics and results is available at our website


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