2021 MAR


Ethyleneimine (EI), also known as aziridine, is a 3 member heterocyclic secondary amine that offers many possibilities in organic synthesys and also in Pharmaceutical field.

Propylene Imine (PI), also known as 2-methyl aziridine, is a monomer that is widely used in several chemical processes, since many years. The imination (PI addition) route provides a unique chemistry to improve mechanical properties to different types of polymers.

Both, Aziridine and 2-methyl aziridine, are the active groups present in the popular Polyfunctional Aziridine (PFAZ) crosslinkers, used in several types of water based coatings (leather finishes, textile printing, PSA, wood varnishes), moreover Aziridine is becoming more and more interesting in APIs development.

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